Inigo Scout | Kimvi Nguyen ‘Selvedge’
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Inigo-Scout-Kimvi-Nguyen-Blanket-Selvedge-Folded Inigo-Scout-Kimvi-Nguyen-Blanket-Selvedge-Signature Inigo-Scout-Kimvi-Nguyen-Blanket-Selvedge-Drop-1 Inigo-Scout-Kimvi-Nguyen-Blanket-Selvedge-Drop-2 Inigo-Scout-Kimvi-Nguyen-Blanket-Selvedge-Drop-3 Inigo-Scout-Kimvi-Nguyen-Blanket-Selvedge-Canvas-1

Kimvi Nguyen ‘Selvedge’


For inspiration I looked at the warp and weft of premium Japanese denim and noticed how the reverse of the material held as much beauty as the face of the fabric. By using a lino-printing method with Prussian blue ink on textured paper I realised that I could emulate the effect of the weave pattern and as with the denim the finished blanket would look beautiful on both sides. Hand printed onto cotton paper. I naturally wanted to use a mixture of indigo and natural wool yarns to give the blanket a timeless feel just like your favourite old pair of jeans. 



4th December 2015


Kimvi Nguyen

blanket art, inigo scout, japanese. denim, kimvi nguyen, selvedge, vietnamese, winchester school of art