Inigo Scout | Luxury Limited Edition Textile Art. Get One. Give Ten.
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Art with Purpose

Our beautiful textiles are the first step in a journey that brings warmth, income and independence to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Luxury with Soul

We collaborate with the most exciting contemporary artists to create stunning textiles inspired by freedom, opportunity and ambition.

Crafted with Care

Our textiles are intricately woven of the finest lambswool on state-of-the-art jacquard looms in Elgin, Scotland.

Tim Fishlock

Microscopic is inspired by and is an interpretation of woollen fibres under a microscope. I liked the idea of blowing up the structure of the blanket itself to massive proportions’.

Kimvi Nguyen

Selvedge represents the tone and texture of the surface of denim and the reverse quality of the warp and weft of the fabric’.

Tim Robinson

Shore captures the mesmerising uniqueness of each wave that laps up the Suffolk pebbles.  You can lose yourself there if you let your body stand still and your mind wander’.