Inigo Scout | The Power of Purpose
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The Power of Purpose

This week we proudly launched Inigo Scout, with the opening of our online store and the reveal of our first collection of Luxury Limited Edition Blanket Art. This project has been over two years in the making, ‘a true labour of love’ as one of our friends described it, and she’s right. The inspiration came from that cardboard box of locally knitted blankets in the corner of our kids’ intensive care unit. The stars aligned as we explored artists, local wool mills, charity partners, not to mention the business model.

We wanted to create a new kind of luxury brand where a significant level of positive impact would take place every time a sale was made.Nike Pas Cher Homme, This meant understanding what a ‘significant impact’ looks like. We needed the ‘giving’ to stand up to the important scrutiny of social enterprise critics as well as our own personal barometers of integrity.

Initially, we looked at making the blankets for the children ourselves, either in our mill or through volunteers, and shipping these out to those in need. Quickly we learned that this method of giving misses an opportunity to bring income and independence to a potential workforce in the communities we want to help.Chaussures Nike Pas Cher, This realisation grew our ambition. We should and could help not only the children, but their families, friends and communities too.

Along the way we learned about knitting, a craft that quite frankly had never been on our radars before! It is a little known fact that the act of knitting is incredibly therapeutic, on a par with meditation and even yoga.

It has been incredibly motivating to see the purpose of Inigo Scout grow through the refinement of the business model!Nike Pas Cher Homme, We have been balancing price point with purpose, trying to reach a place where we could genuinely stand up and say, ‘we make the world’s most beautiful blankets’.

We think and hope we have reached that place. Get One. Give Ten.

Today, when you buy an Inigo Scout blanket, you are buying a limited edition piece of original art, woven in the finest wool, by the most coveted wool mill in the world. And you know that as a result of this purchase a new breed of craftsmen and women are being taught to knit, a skill that will bring them not only income, but pride, independence and peace of mind. And finally, you know that ten children in need of warmth will be given blankets of their own.

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