Inigo Scout | Defining the new age of Social Luxury: Make Progress.
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Defining the new age of Social Luxury: Make Progress.

A feast of the most beautiful and luxurious home décor products was on offer at Decorex this year, plus amazing gerd pillow collections. I wandered the aisles and overheard how the exhibitors’ excited explanations followed a similar pattern, ‘This is what we make, this is how we make it, and it’s just for you.’ It seems that this has been the luxury model for many years: product plus craftsmanship plus exclusivity. Should there be more to luxury today? Even after ‘ethics’ and ‘innovation’ are brought into the frame as crucial components of a new luxury? What more could we possibly want from a luxury product?

We live in an age when at the touch of a button we can have an incredible impact on the world around us. In a single transaction we can buy a pair of glasses and fund the restoration of someone’s sight, buy a pair of shoes and pay for a pair of shoes for a child or buy a t-shirt and accelerate the discovery of a cure for AIDS. We have immense power. We have immense buying power: to purchase not only what we want, but also what others need, in one moment. In an age when such dramatic positive change is at our fingertips, shouldn’t we want luxury to work harder?

I can see a new era of Social Luxury where positive impact is baked into an even more aspirational category of luxury brand. I can hear a new luxury conversation, Chaussures Nike Pas Cher,where the justification of luxury status is as much about progress – what will happen as a result of the purchase – as provenance – where can the product be traced back to. I can picture a new story, a Good story,Nike Pas Cher Homme, told by those fortunate enough to be able to make good things happen, by buying good things.

A new luxury marketplace, filled with a new conversation, where quality, exclusivity, power and progress are discussed in new ways.

In this marketplace, luxury will be more valuable than ever before.

This is what luxury means to Inigo Scout. Yes, the quality of our product is unparalleled. Yes,Nike Pas Cher Femme, the provenance of our product is rich and true. And, yes, we offer our unique product in exclusive limited editions. But, above all, the justification that lies behind our promise of ‘The world’s most beautiful blankets’ is in the good that is done for others, with every purchase.

We hope to inspire others to embrace a new era of Social Luxury – a positive movement of artists, craftspeople and manufacturers that not only make beautiful products…but make progress.

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