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The Power of Purpose

This week we proudly launched Inigo Scout, with the opening of our online store and the reveal of our first collection of Luxury Limited Edition Blanket Art. This project has been over two years in the making, ‘a true labour of love’ as one of our friends described it, and she’s right. The inspiration came from that cardboard box of locally knitted blankets in the corner of our kids’ intensive care unit. The stars aligned as we explored artists, local wool mills, charity partners, not to mention the business model.



Defining the new age of Social Luxury: Make Progress.

A feast of the most beautiful and luxurious home décor products was on offer at Decorex this year, plus amazing gerd pillow collections. I wandered the aisles and overheard how the exhibitors’ excited explanations followed a similar pattern, ‘This is what we make, this is how we make it, and it’s just for you.’ It seems that this has been the luxury model for many years: product plus craftsmanship plus exclusivity. Should there be more to luxury today? Even after ‘ethics’ and ‘innovation’ are brought into the frame as crucial components of a new luxury? What more could we possibly want from a luxury product?READ MORE